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Fred Reichheld organizes and moderates a series of CEO Roundtable discussions for leaders of organizations that have earned the highest level of loyalty in their respective industry sectors. This provides a unique networking and learning opportunity for CEOs who are committed to responsible leadership, who see financial success as a reward for serving customers and employees well—not as the primary end of business, and who feel a duty of stewardship to their institution which does not end with the maximization of shareholder value.

Loyalty leader companies and their management practices represent a precious asset, which is not well understood by the broader business community. These sessions help to clarify the leadership strategies and practices that continue to build loyalty in today's hyper-competitive world. Participants share a common mission, a common set of values and ethical standards, and a common ambition for their organization.

Given the enormous confusion around the relevance of loyalty in today's world, these forums have helped clarify the new rules for building loyalty in the age of the Internet. Leaders have much to share and teach each other—and much to teach the broader business community about the power of loyalty and partnership.

The CEOs select the topics of discussion and host the sessions at their headquarters on a rotating basis.

List of topics and trends Fred Reichheld can discuss:

  • Why Loyalty Leaders grow revenue at twice the rate of their competitors
  • How each negative customer comment neutralizes from three to ten positive NPS points
  • How to fix the "delivery gap": Why 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer service, while only 8% of customers agree
  • How a company's "promoters" account for 80 — 90% of positive referrals
  • How the airline industry's notorious "loyalty" programs are causing more harm than good to the bottom-line
  • Who the Loyalty Leaders are and how they can teach the average company about loyalty?
  • Why 80% of the world's top 2000 firms failed to achieve a modest 5% real annual growth in sales over the past decade
  • Why the average firm loses 50% of its customers in less than four years
  • How the NPS rating is changing the way companies are accounting for "good profits" and long-term growth

To arrange a speaking engagement with Fred Reichheld, please contact: loyalty@bain.com

Roundtable attendees have included CEOs from:
Bright Horizons/Family Solutions
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Frank Russell
Midwest Express
Northwestern Mutual Life
State Farm
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